Breaking chain of illicit drugs supply: Four arrested with 10 sacks of cannabis

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 30 March 2017 saa 02:06
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Continued police operations and campaign to break the chain of illicit drug supply led to the arrest of for people in Rwamagana District, who were trafficking ten sacks of cannabis, about 300kgs.

According to the Eastern Region Police Spokesperson, Inspector of Police (IP) Emmanuel Kayigi, residents of Mutenderi Sector in Ngoma District informed the police in the area about a ring of traffickers, who had sneaked the drugs into the country, and were destined to unknown area.

“We gathered all the information possible and discovered that they had stashed the drugs in a house in Rwamagana District, where they were recovered, and four suspected dealers arrested,” IP Kayigi said.

“We have since learnt that there are other individuals involved, and investigations are still underway to ensure that everyone is brought to book,” he added.

He commended the great role of the general public in the fight against drugs in the country, and the ongoing efforts to break chains of supply through real time information sharing.

“Through community policing, the public have been very helpful in coming forward with credible information that leads to the arrest of drugs traffickers,” said IP Kayigi.

In a related development, in Rulindo District, police destroyed scores of illicit gins seized in the last three months in an event attended by over 600 students.

The destroyed substances include 7200 sachets of Blue sky, Kick Waragi and Kitoko waragi.

Others are 1302 bottles of African gin, 23 liters of Kanyanga and pellets of cannabis.

The arrests and seizure of drugs comes at the time when Rwanda National Police (RNP) in partnership with the public and other players in policing, are mainly focusing on identifying and arresting traffickers as an effective way to prevent abuse of psychotropic substances.

On Tuesday, police uncovered an illicit brew distillery in his house in Kinyinya Sector of Gasabo District, where at least four drums had been concealed in four different holes dug within the house.

About 25 drug dealers were also arrested in two separate operations in Nyarugenge District mid this month and recovered over 700kgs of cannabis from them.