Breaking drug supply chain: Three arrested in Musanze operation

Published by Police
On 20 November 2016 saa 12:35
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Three women suspected to be among traffickers and dealers of banned gin have been arrested in Musanze District in a targeted operation held in Muhoza Sector.

They were arrested in the awe morning hours of Thursday following a trail from Cyanika borderline to the final destination.

The District Police Commander (DPC), Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Jean Claude Kabandana, said that the trio was at the time found in possession of 2160 sachets of Blue Sky; a gin packed it plastic bags banned in Rwanda.

“In the night of Wednesday, we received information from a resident about two motorcycles that were transporting for boxes he suspected to be containing illegal goods. The same resident actually worked with his friends in Musanze, who in turn gave us exact information of a house in Muhoza Sector where the luggage was delivered,” CIP Kabandana said.

“Police officers were deployed and on reaching there, they found three women, who were at the time sharing the illicit gin and they were immediately taken into custody,” he added.

“Investigations have since revealed that the four boxes were for four people – the arrested trio and the owner of the residential where they were discovered, who is still in the hiding,” he noted.

“We have also identified the motorcycles that were used to traffic the drugs to Musanze and we are working with all concerned entities and their cooperatives to locate the owners and ultimately know the two individuals that were riding them at the time,” he noted.

He warned commercial motorcyclists against involving or facilitating criminality and drug trafficking in particular.

“We have mapped major routes and we are working well with the residents to ensure that all those involved in drug related crimes are arrested,” he said.