Brussels Airlines taps into digitalization with new mobile app

Published by By Jean d’Amour Mugabo
On 10 March 2017 saa 05:12
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Brussels Airlines released its mobile app in the App Store and on Google Play., last month, marking the beginning of the era of digital transformation for the Belgian airline to improve their products and services for the clients.

As more and more travelers use online and mobile channels to plan their holidays and business trips and get in touch with travel companies on-the-go, Brussels Airlines declares 2017 the year of digital innovation, during which it will invest heavily in the improvement of its digital tools to service its customers even better.

The airline recently sent its 10 millionth mobile boarding pass and replies to more than 500 requests a day from its travellers on Twitter and Facebook, showing that their customers are ready for more digital tools. The first one this year is the Brussels Airlines app, which is now available for iOS and Android devices.

“With more and more data being available to us, we can much better grasp what it is our guests want and deliver just that to them. Close to 35% of our sales currently takes place on, but also in terms of servicing, our digital platforms need to be equipped to cater for all our guests, also the ones who booked their tickets via travel agencies,” said Sebastien Scarmure, the Airlines’ VP e-Commerce and Mobile.

“They need accurate information about their flights on-the-go and be able to change details of their booking without being obliged to go via the traditional communication channels. The app is a first move in this direction, but much more is to come throughout the next years to offer a complete experience during every step of the way.”

Brussels airline is putting a lot of efforts in creating a relevant and efficient digital experience for the customers, so they can focus on their holiday or business trip. The website will also get a makeover to focus more on personalized servicing and a “data pool” project will make it possible to get all up-to-date information about everything that is happening within the airline’s operation and use that information to keep travelers as well as co-workers informed.

Today, the Brussels Airlines app allows travelers to book their tickets in just a few clicks, to check in and use the mobile boarding pass and to keep up with flight changes. This first release of the app will be followed by more updates soon and push notifications will be added to keep passengers informed proactively.

Founded by SN Airholding in 2002, Brussels Airlines is the Belgian airline that offers the widest choice of flights to and from the capital of Europe, Brussels Airport. The company has 49 aircraft operating some 300 flights daily, connecting the Capital of Europe to over 90 premium European and African destinations and New York JFK, Washington D.C. and Toronto. As from March 2017 the airline will operate 5 weekly flights to Mumbai, India.

On its European routes, Brussels Airlines offers the choice between Bizz&Class, Flex&Fast, Light&Relax and Check&Go. In addition to its 23 destinations in Africa and North America, Brussels Airlines and its intercontinental partners also offer long-haul codeshare flights to the United Arab Emirates, Japan and Thailand.

Brussels Airlines offers cargo capacity on all its flights, commercialized by the Cargo Department. The Brussels Airlines app can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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Brussels airline is putting a lot of efforts in creating relevant and efficient digital experience for customers.

By Jean d’Amour Mugabo