Bugarama genocide survivor, attacked, stabbed, survives

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 11 April 2017 saa 12:41
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A survivor of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi identified as Uwizeye Bernadette was yesterday stabbed with a knife in the head and injured by an unidentified person.

IGIHE has learnt that the mother, resident of Rusizi district, Bugarama sector, Pera cell, was going to tend her garden in Ryankanka cell in Bugarama sector, Rusizi district when she was stabbed.

Talking to IGIHE journalist based in Rusizi district, Uwizeye has said: “I was going to my gardens in Ryankana cell when I saw a person approaching me. He had a list of people killed in genocide. He asked me names of relatives whereupon I told him that they were dead. He immediately pushed me down and stabbed me with a knife in the head,” she said.

“I immediately cried and the person attacking me fled as a woman cultivating around came for intervention,” she added.

Uwizeye has been taken at Islamic Bugarama health center where she is getting treatment.

The information was confirmed by Military Chief in Rusizi district, Brig General Gatama Vincent as he attended the meeting bringing together Rusizi district officials held yesterday.

It is not for the first time Uwizeye has been stabbed by unidentified people.