Bugesera: Local leaders challenged on community policing

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On 8 September 2016 saa 01:32
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In a bid to ensure that communities are free from any form of crime or illegal practices, local leaders need to understand the concept of community-based policing and forge strong partnership with the people which facilitates information sharing with security organs.

Inspector of Police (CIP) Felix Ndayambaje, the Officer in Charge of Nyamata Police Station, while addressing a security meeting held on September 6 and drew over 100 local leaders including women and youth representatives, noted that there is still a gap between them as leaders and the people, and this in some way, affects the information flow on unlawful acts and suspected criminals.

“As leaders and immediate overseers of community policing implementation, you need to know everything happening in your respective areas of responsibility, and this is only possible where there’s a strong bond with the residents, who in turn feed you with information,” CIP Ndayambaje said.

“Good partnership and fast flow of information between the people, their leaders and with security organs makes community policing meaningful, effective and shifts policing from fighting to prevention,” he added.

He, however, acknowledged the impact of community policing so far, noting that some residents have been feeding the police with credible information on various malpractices, which has helped them to respond on time, arrest criminals and gather resourceful information to facilitate fair justice.

Bugesera touches the borderlines, and CIP Ndayambaje noted that there’s a likelihood of people from neighboring countries coming either illegally or those who want to use illegal borders for criminal activities like thieves and smugglers, among others.

“It’s important that you register details of the people that come in your localities, their purpose of travel, where they are living and for how long because such particulars help investigations as well, where necessary. It also helps to identify loiterers, who in turn engage in criminal activities in the night,” he said.

Reinforced neighbourhood watch, Irondo – community night patrol – and effective community policing committees, he said, will continue to guarantee safety and security.

The executive secretary of Nyamata, Fred Rurangirwa also emphasised the impact of information sharing, adding that criminals find safe haven and breeding ground for their illegal deeds where there is no strong partnership between the people, local leaders and security organs.