Bugesera reports acutely malnourished women

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 21 September 2016 saa 09:16
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Some women in Bugesera district, Gashora sector are reported to be among those suffering from Kwashiorkor, an ailment common among children, a matter attributed to polygamy and family conflicts in addition to unbalanced diet.

The issue was raised on September 15th 2016 as two parliamentarians, Mutimura Zeno and Uwanyirigira Gloriose, visited the area to talk to citizens on nutrition, hygiene, school drop outs and family conflicts.

The director of Gashora health center, Habimana Landouard explained that pregnant women are among the acutely malnourished patients.

“Today we have 28 children and two pregnant women suffering from Kwashiorkor. Such matters can be attributed to family situation where a spouse abandons a partner in meeting family needs due to misunderstandings,” he said.

Parliamentarian Uwanyirigira Gloriose advised parents to give birth to children they can take care of.

“The Rwanda constitution as amended in 2015 includes an article stating that a man must marry one wife. If the man does otherwise, he disrespects the law. We cannot tolerate people creating insecurity in Rwanda by giving birth to many children they are unable to raise properly,” she said.

“Why don’t we think about our financial capacities before births considering whether we can educate children, clothe and feed them? We should not bring children to the world only to experience poor livelihoods and suffer from malnutrition related diseases among other problems,” she added.

The executive secretary of Bugesera district, Hakizimana Elie asked parents to respect Parents Forum where family problems can be tackled collaboratively where residents are taught on family planning, educating children and preparing balanced diet among others.

He explained that they have established a village kitchen where parents are taught of preparing a balanced diet while others with malnutrition problems are followed up by community health workers to tackle the issue.

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Bugesera residents attending the meeting with parliamentarians on September 15th,2016