Bugesera: Schools use entertainment to raise awareness against illicit drugs

Published by Police
On 14 October 2016 saa 02:58
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Four schools in Bugesera District, on October 12, held a community policing competition through plays, poems and songs that were meant to raise awareness against abuse of illicit drugs.

The secondary schools are Mayange, Kamabuye, Kamabuye and Gitagata rehabilitation centre.

The awareness competitions were organised by the District Police Unit of Bugesera and the association of scouts in Rwanda.

Mutware Antoine, who represented the mayor, noted that the success of Rwanda largely depends on her commitment to put security forward as a yardstick for development.

While thanking the students and their respective schools for taking part in the educative and informative competition, Mutware added that the involvement of the youth in crime prevention contributes effectively and efficiently to the ideal of community policing, sustainable security and development.

Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Cyprien Uwitonze, the District Community Liaison Officer of Bugesera said: “When we arrest you for abusing or dealing in illicit drugs, we are trying to show the right path, the meaning and value of your life.”

“If you don’t want to be the first to protect your life, we will protect it for you in a way that your illegal deeds don’t affect the wellbeing of other people, ” AIP Uwitonze said.

Ange Kamugisha from AGR, told the students that they are studying to be useful to their lives, their families and the country in general adding that such big dream doesn’t mix with drugs.

She urged them to be the example in the fight against crimes by refraining and reporting those involved including drug dealers.