Bugesera water scarcity worries parents as children drown in lakes

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On 8 August 2016 saa 06:25
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Parents from Nyamata, Gashora, Kanzenze and Mareba sectors in Bugesera district are worried over the rising incidences of children drowning as they go to fetch water from lakes.

Bugesera district has 10 lakes from where residents fetch water for domestic use.

Residents explain that they send children to fetch water from Lakes but some of them have ended up drowning.

‘’Our children are exposed to death at Rwandanziza Lake. When they are sent to fetch water they first swim, yet most of them have inadquate swimming skills leading to drowning. I know four children who have died after drowning in the lake,’’ said Mukamuvoma Leocadie.

Bugingo Ignace, a parent living in Nyamata whose children fetch water from Cyohoha Lake told IGIHE that children swim in dirty waters of Cyohoha Lake where some have drowned.

The branch manager of WASAC in Bugesera district, Vedaste Tuyisenge has said that the problem of water in Bugesera district is known.

“We have a plant processing only 3600 cubic meters per day but the district needs 12,000 daily cubic meters. It is not easy to share such inadequate water’’, he said.

He explained that they are building Kanyonyombya water treatment plant expected to produce 5000 cubic meters per day along with the project of increasing the capacity of Ngenda water treatment plant to add 1000 to existing supplies on daily basis by July 2017.

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Cyohoha lake