BULK SMS & SMS API and Call Center services get 40% discount

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On 16 December 2016 saa 11:18
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As usual, Call Rwanda offers special discounts at the end of year. It has availed a 40% discount going into effect from 15th December 2016 to end on 30th January 2017.

Call Rwanda offers the special discount to appreciate existing customers and customers encouraging others to use its services.

Here are some of Call Rwanda services receiving discounts
1. BULK SMS for institutions in need of API (Banks, insurance companies, Hospitals…)

2. BULK SMS for people organizing meetings
3. BULK SMS for people placing announcements wishing happy new year and thanks giving
4. BULK SMS , organizations and cooperatives placing announcements
5. BULK SMS in districts, sectors, political parties ….
6. Call Center for institutions wishing to own their call centers
7. Call center for institutions wishing Outsourcing call Center
8. Call Center services for Events Management
9. Call Center for Hotels and Transport companies

Call Rwanda announces bid to increase the number of Agents and Distributors in Provinces and districts from across the country .People can head for places where billboards of Call Rwanda are erected to receive explanations of how it operates.

If interested to work with Call Rwanda call 0788302371, 0789533615, 0789533616 or email: [email protected] & [email protected]

You can also meet them at their headquarters in Kigali city in front of the headquarter of I& M Bank.

The management of Call Rwanda informs all people that it has a wide plan helping Rwandans and foreigners to enjoy technology.