Burera and Gicumbi districts in joint effort against illicit gin

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On 24 November 2016 saa 12:07
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The Northern districts of Burera and Gicumbi have joined effort to raise awareness and combat the rampant trafficking and sell of crude gin commonly known as Kanyanga and other contrabands parked in banned polythene bags.

On November 22, the mayors of the two districts brought together the residents of the neighbouring sectors of Manyagiro (Gicumbi) and Gatebe (Burera) – the most affected sectors – as means to have them on the same page against the vice.

The mayor of Gicumbi Juvenal Mudaherwa, while addressing thousands of residents, noted that concerted efforts are needed to identify the dealers and routes used to traffic the banned illicit gin.

He noted that a crime committed in one area can affect residents in another noting that as empowered Rwandans, their communities shouldn’t be safe haven or destination for drug dealers.

The Mayor of Burera, Florence Uwambajimana, embarked on the effectiveness of the partnership between local leaders and the residents to compile a list of people they suspect to be involved in trafficking and selling the illicit gin.

“There’s no Burera of Gicumbi when it comes to fighting crimes. It is an ideal that binds you all jointly neutralize anything that can bring about insecurity and affect your wellbeing,” Uwambajimana said.

The District Police Commander (DPC) of Burera, Supt. Alex Fata noted that illicit gin like kanyanga, chief waragi and zebra waragi are still common in Burera and consumers have been linked to other crimes including domestic violence and fighting.

He urged the residents to be policing agents in their communities and report anyone to police they find or suspect of trafficking or selling the gin including bars.

In August, illicit gin including 3060 litres of Kanyanga, 651 cartons of Chief and Kitoko Waragi and 19680 sachets of Blue Sky, all valued at Rwf17. 5 million were destroyed in Gicumbi.

Later in October, other 300 litres of Kanyanga, 468 cartons Blue Sky, 134 cartons of Leaving Waragi, 70 cartons of African Gin, 16 cartons of Chase Waragi, seven cartons of chief waragi, four cartons of Host Waragi were seized and destroyed Burera.

Meanwhile, residents of Burera have since created 10 clubs consisting of 15 members each, specifically to fight trafficking of illicit gin.

The clubs are located in the sectors of Cyanika, Kagogo, Kinyababa, Butaro, Kivuye, Bungwe, Gatebe, Rusarabuye, Rwerere and Ruhunde, all of which sit on the borderline.