Burera in anti-narcotics campaign

Published by Police
On 27 September 2016 saa 12:54
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In a bid to counter drug trafficking and abuse among the youth in Burera District, the District Police Unit has strengthened community sensitisation campaigns targeting especially the youth to improve their understanding on the dangers of abusing drugs and their role in fighting the vice.

Over the weekend, police engaged about 130 youth currently undertaking a civic training to bring them on board in the collective response to the scourge, which is rated high among the young generation.

The District Police Commander (DPC) Superintendent of Police (SP) Dieudonné Rwangombwa, while speaking to the youth, said: “You should take a lead in the fight against drugs. A good generation is one which vows for inculcation of values among their peers.”

He added: “You should always discuss the extent of drug abuse among the youth, the causes, its effects, what your communities can do to combat the problem and your individual role in discouraging the practice.”

Supt. Rwangombwa noted that, in the context of community policing, youth play a prime hand when they “say no” to any illegal dealing or report anything unlawful.

“Whenever you stand up against any illegal dealing, you are promoting safety, security and stability and that way, you are equally playing a policing role and building your nation as required,” said the DPC.

In a related development, in partnership with residents, Police in Burera also destroyed scores of drugs seized in the last two month in a public exercise held in Rusarabuye sector.

The destroyed drugs include 579 liters of Kanyanga, 353 dozen of Chief Waragi and two kilograms of Cannabis.

While addressing residents, the executive secretary of Rusebeya, Fabrice Nsabimana reminded them that they all have a responsibility contributing in fighting and reporting drug traffickers and consumers.

“As a community that aspires to develop very fast, we can’t afford to have drugs amongst us. These substances hinder our welfare and development. I urge you to always report to police whenever you encounter someone consuming or trafficking them,” he said.