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Burera Motorcyclists warned against violation of traffic rules
Published on 31-07-2016 - at 01:59' by Police

Police in Burera District has urged commercial motorcyclists to ensure they always abide by road safety rules and regulations to avoid reckless accidents.

The call was made by the officer in-charge of Traffic and Road Safety in Burera District, Inspector of Police (IP) Etienne Kabera while meeting with 60 commercial motorcyclists operating under the cooperative COOTAMOBU based in Butaro Sector.

“Some of the accidents that motorists are involved in are related to violation or ignorance of road signposts. Such kinds of accidents are considered reckless because they could be avoided,” said IP Kabera.

He further reminded them that they do not only risk the accidents that may result from violation of road traffic signposts, but there are fines charged on anyone who commits such violations.

“Our interest as Rwanda National Police is to ensure your business runs smoothly and safely, we are not enthusiastic about penalizing you that’s why we continuously encourage you to abide by traffic rules and regulations,” said the in-charge traffic.

IP Kabera reminded commercial motorcyclists to understand the significance of road safety, take some time to learn about traffic laws because they apply to them as well like any other road user.

“You are entitled to similar road safety measures like other road users, so now of you should assume that road signs do not apply to him,” IP Kabera said.

He also cautioned them against overspeeding and reckless riding saying that the two are among the major causes of accidents that motorcyclists are involved in.

“Commercial motorcyclists can make themselves safer and respected by being competent and riding as per the traffic rules.

He added that; “You have the responsibility of protecting the lives of your passengers and those of all road users.”

During the same meeting the District Community Liaison Officer, Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Phelin Nshimiyumukiza tutored them against different types of crimes, how they are committed and their role in fighting them.

He reminded them to cooperate with police and other law enforcers by providing information against anyone who is engaged in criminal activities like burglary, drug abuse and other crimes.

“When a suspected criminal or suspicious person approaches you and wants your services, immediately inform police in order to protect yourselves and your community. Through this collaboration, we shall together advance strong partnership to uphold law and order,” he said.

AIP Nshimiyumukiza noted that some motorcyclists themselves are among the wrongdoers adding that some of them have been arrested either facilitating drug traffickers, smugglers or thieves, or involving directly and that must stop forthwith he advised them.



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