Burera: Police assess performance of anti-crime clubs

Published by Police
On 17 October 2016 saa 01:00
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The District Police Unit of Burera has started a tour in all anti-crime clubs in the district as part of its programme to ensure that all community policing initiatives produce desired results.

On October 15, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO), Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Phelin Nshimiyumukiza visited an anti-crime club of 420 students of Ecole Secondaire Gahunga and also met with the school administration in an effort to make reinforce the performance of the club in raising awareness against all sorts of crimes and reporting wrongdoers.

While addressing the students, AIP Nshimiyumukiza urged them to focus on their education and be of value to their communities and the country in general by reporting anyone they suspect of engaging in criminal activities.

He also tutored them on global emerging threats of terrorism, human trafficking and appealed to them to fighting poaching by allying with police and reporting those involved.

“Through your anti-crime club, you can make a difference, reverse the trend of drug abuse, gender based violence and child abuse,” AIP Nshimiyumukiza told the students.

He also appealed to the school to support the ideas of the students in their community policing activities.

The discussions also tackled on fighting genocide denial, understanding the Rwandan law on various issues and preventing unwanted pregnancies and early parenthood.