Burera residents in a renewed anti-crime drive

Published by Police
On 8 October 2016 saa 10:50
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Over 1000 residents of Cyanika Sector held a meeting on October 7 where they were urged to up their efforts in combating drug abuse and gender based violence as one of the common and high impact crimes that still exist in the area.

They were also urged to always share information with police on anything illegal including drug dealers.

The message was delivered by the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO), Inspector of Police (IP) Augustin Habimana along with the Executive Secretary of Cyanika Sector Faustin Kayitsinga in a meeting with residents.

IP Habimana noted that partnership through community policing is essential and an effective tool to combat crimes.

He outlined common narcotic substances that include cannabis, Kanyanga, Kitoko, Blue Sky, Coffee Spirit and, Chief Waragi and asked resident to always inform the police whenever they see anyone using their neighbourhoods to traffic such psychotropic substances.

“These gin were banned in Rwanda due to their content which is harmful, that’s why we must enforce the law on defiant people…remember, these illicit substances which have impact on the health of users continue to fuel conflicts in families, you should therefore strengthen the partnership with police to identify those other people who still traffic, sell and abuse these drugs,” IP Habimana said.

He, however, commended efforts of those that have committed to crime prevention include local leaders, youth volunteers, opinion leaders Community Policing Committees (CPCs) police ambassadors and anti-crime clubs and some of the residents.

“This kind of partnership resulted to the arrest of 99 drug traffickers in the last eight months in Burera and seized drugs worth Rwf45m,” IP Habimana noted.

The Executive Secretary of Cyanika Sector, Kayitsinga urged residents to value security as a source of their stability, peace and development.

She also encouraged them to work closely with security organs to report anything that affects their well being.