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Burundi refugees relocation still on- Mukantabana
Published on 26-10-2016 - at 07:38' by IGIHE

The Minister for Refugees and Disaster Management (MIDIMAR), Mukantabana Seraphine has said that Rwanda’s decision to relocate Burundi refugees won’t change and will be implemented.

She made the statement today during a meeting MIDIMAR held with various partners including representatives from United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Rwanda aimed at deliberating on how to relocate Burundi refugees currently in Rwanda to other countries.

The meeting takes place few days after Rwanda wrote to UNHCR about the decision of relocating Burundi refugees.

“The relocation of Burundi refugees is among the topics of discussions. We are not talking about it in a way that changes the decision of the government of Rwanda but it is being discussed so that UNHCR can commit on how to implement the decision,” she said.

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The Minister for Refugees and Disaster Management (MIDIMAR), Mukantabana Seraphine



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