Business community hailed for their role against counterfeit money

On 17 December 2017 at 07:59

Police in the Western Province commends two business men in Gisenyi and Rubavu Districts, for availing information that led to immediate arrest of two men for allegedly circulating counterfeited money.

Sadi Mohamed and Pascal Tuyishime were arrested on Thursday in Rubavu and Rusizi Districts after they attempted exchange fake currencies for goods from some shops.

The suspect who are being detained at Gisenyi and Kamembe Police Stations respectively, were arrested with Rwf20,000 of fake paper money in 5000- denominations and $40 un genuine paper notes.

Inspector of Police (IP) Eulade Gakwaya, the Western Province Police Spokesperson, who confirmed the arrest, said Police in the two Districts was called by two business men after they became suspicious and started questioning the genuineness of the money before they would give away goods for the fake currencies.

“We intervened at the two scenes, verified the money only to establish that, it was fake notes.” Said IP Gakwaya adding that, one suspect was later found with more fake paper notes.

He hailed the two business men, who shared quick information which saw the two suspects arrested.

“This is a good and commendable action by the two business men. If we all could emulate their good example, we would definitely prevent counterfeit money from circulating into the monitory system of the country.” Noted Gakwaya.

Gakwaya reminded that forging money is criminal offence punishable by the penal code.

“Counterfeited money has negative effects of the country’s economic progress leading to slow pace of development, and in turn this affects citizenry in general.” He observed calling for more cooperation through timely information sharing to arrest suspects.

He advised the business community to be vigilant of the money they receive from clients, to avoid incurring loses but also to facilitate in the arrest of suspects.

The Western Province Spokesperson, said investigation is ongoing to arrest more people who are believed to be working with the arrested suspects.

Article 604 of the Rwandan Penal Code stipulates that, any person, who counterfeits, uses or circulates, by any means, items misrepresented as money or negotiable instruments shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of two to Five years and a fine between two to ten times the value of the counterfeit money.
Source:RNP News