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Businessman accuses MINIJUST of oppression
Published on 15-08-2016 - at 06:56' by IGIHE

Recently, a story of the family of John Djumapili Nasibu went viral as his family claimed to have been oppressed by MINIJUST for ruling in favour of auctioning his house which he appealed against.

Such decision was taken to be oppressive by Djumapili’s family who decided to file the complaints to human rights organizations and Transparency International.

The matter

John Djumapili Nasibu is one of three shareholders in BADER S.A.R.L, Company which signed agreements with Prof. Rwigamba Barinda to build some of the lecture halls of Kigali Independent University (ULK).

BADER S.A.R.L Company got a loan from BCR (which changed its name to I&M Bank) which was to be repaid as and when payments were effected since all such payments would be done through the account of BADER S.A.R.L in I&M Bank.

Later, one of the shareholders betrayed colleagues opened another account in I&M Bank where payments from ULK were to be transferred. Such a launder happened when Djumapili was outside Rwanda in Democratic Republic of Congo.

I&M Bank filed a court cases regarding the unpaid loan offered to BADER S.A.R.L in 2001 where Djumapili had shares. The court case continued till 2010 where the Supreme Court ruled that Kambali is among shareholders of BADER who had to collaborate with Djumapili and Shema to pay back the loan of Rwf 80,137,766.

The ruling was followed by the auction of Djumapili’s house located in Kacyiru, Kigali; sold at Rwf 200,000,000 while Djumapili claimed it had the value of over Rwf 490,000,000.

Later Djumapili appealed saying he was undercut by the court’s decisions for it was taken without getting invitation as a stakeholder which prompted to schedule the hearing on September 20th 2016.

Djumapili explains that the court decision oppressed his family as it attempted to solve the matter without considering the origin of the matter despite information availed before the court.

The family claims that the origin of the matter was the money paid by ULK and diverted to another account different from the agreed one when receiving the loan from I&M Bank. The later resulted into the bank’s failure to recover the money and prompted the auction of Djumapili’s house.

Talking about the matter, the Minister of Justice Johnston Busingye has said: “We have known each other in the past two months where Djumapili said “help me so that the court bailiff won’t sell my property since the company having the unpaid bank loan has own properties. Stop him so that I can show him the company’s wealth’,” he said

Minister Busingye explained that Djumapili received required support even though they didn’t give him written statement .He said that the court bailiff was called and asked to suspend the auction.

Minister Busingye says he is oppressed

Minister Busingye told IGIHE that instead it is, Djumapili oppressing the Ministry of Justice because the court case was neither held between him and the government of Rwanda nor the minister.

“We are instead being oppressed. He did not get the Government of Rwanda involved in court case. It would be worrying if he had not been paid for a court case he won or if the ministry was forcibly implementing a court decision against him,” he said

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John Djumapili Nasibu explains that the court decision oppressed his family as it attempted to solve the matter without considering the origin of the matter despite information availed before the court.



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