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Businessman Goes Missing
Published on 29-04-2012 - at 09:38'

The Family of Gilbert Nizeyimana(photo above) requests concerned authorities to help them in finding of their son who went missing on 25 April and up to now, there is no information about his whereabouts.

A member of Nizeyimana’s family told IGIHE that Nizeyimana was the manager of KAKA printing Express located next to Nkurunziza in Kigali City.

Its alleged that an unknown caller telephoned Nizeyimana on Thursday at about midday. By then Nizeyimana was at Nyamirambo attending to his business.

After the call, Nizeyimana told his workmates including his driver, that someone had telephoned him and jumped onto a motor taxi and headed to the city center to meet with the caller.

However, after 30 minutes, the driver called Nizeyimana with intention of asking him about something in connection with work but was unable to reach him on mobile phone, as it was unavailable.

On suspecting that Nizeyimana was missing, the family inquired from his workmates and friends who both said hadn’t seen him and later the family members tried to cross check with all hospitals around the city but all in vain.

Later the family notified Muhima Police station. Police promised to launch a search for Nizeyimana with effect from 30 April.

Supt. Theos Badege the Police Spokesperson told IGIHE that whenever, police are notified of a missing person, the search is immediately launched to determine the whereabouts of the missing person depending on the manner in which they went missing.



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