Businessman, Nkubiri Alfred, in jail over substandard fertilizers

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On 18 August 2016 saa 08:34
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From the end of July, 2016 the media was awash with information about the arrest of a businessman, Nkubiri Alfred. It was said that he is accused of a host of offenses including importing substandard fertilizers.

Nkubiri has been popular in Eastern Province for his involvement in agriculture and animal husbandry-related activities.

IGIHE has learnt is under police custody accused of using forged documents, importing substandard goods, among other crimes rooted on conflicts he had with co-worker in availing fertilizers to citizens who won the tender in Northern Province.

The detention of Nkubiri is said to be connected to fertilizers of DAP trademark he imported from Saudi Arabia. The fertilizers were assessed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources and found to be harboring high level of humidity compared to accepted humidity standards in Rwanda and internationally.

MINAGRI indicated that catalogs of the fertilizers’ capacity offered by the selling industry were suspect since the information was different from what is written on sacks of fertilizers, yet Nkubiri is alleged to have explained nothing about it.

On May 31st, 2016 MINAGRI requested Nkubiri to take back fertilizers not later than 15 days. It is said that the businessman didn’t respect the request but sold the fertilizers to farmers in Gakenke, Nyabihu and Rubavu districts.

Nkubiri had imported 733 tons of fertilizers worth Rwf 500 million from Enas Company, Saudi Arabia.

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Nkubiri Alfred (on the left)