Call for proactive approach against GBV in Muhanga

Published by Police
On 7 September 2016 saa 12:53
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The vice mayor of Muhanga in charge of Social Affairs, Fortuné Mukagatana has called on everyone to be the voice against domestic and gender based violence.

While addressing a meeting of transporters, commercial motorcyclists and cyclists in Nyamabuye Sector on September 5, Mukagatana observed that some people feel not concerned on anything that happens beyond their families and in most cases refuse to report gender related issues they witness either in their neighbourhoods or wherever they go.

The meeting was also attended by members of Rwanda Youth Volunteers in Community Policing (RYVCP) in the sectors of Nyamabuye, Shyogwe, Muhanga and Cyeza, and casual labourers, among others.

“Some of the issues especially faced by women and girls, happen to members of your groups; you should incorporate in your cooperatives and associations, measures to prevent such incidences,” Mukagatana said.

“Inappropriate behavior by either of the parents presents a wrong picture to the children and the neighbourhood; you are thinking about development when your family is under siege and breaking up, battering your wife and undervaluing her. That’s not development…it’s underdevelopment because development goes with respecting and valuing other people’s rights as well,” she added.

Domestic conflicts are blamed among the major causes of school dropouts, street children and joining negative peer groups like drug abusers and dealers as well as thieves.

The director of Gender Promotion in Rwanda National Police, Supt. Pelagie Dusabe, who also attended the meeting, noted that some people take physical harm as the only form of gender based violence.

Psychological infliction, she said, creates inner anger that can provoke the victim to act violently without thinking, which at times leads to bloodshed.