Call Rwanda offers discounts for updated telecommunication devices

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On 29 March 2017 saa 04:25
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Call Rwanda is committed to reducing communication costs whether verbal or sending messages. It has this time round offered discounts to institutions ranging from small and big enterprises under a program dubbed ‘Digital IP Telephone Solutions’.

Here below are devices receiving discounts and availed to clients in need:

-IP Phones: These are mobile phones seen in banks and other corporate institutions used for communication among employees and external one for free.

-IP PBX :It is a machine enabling a mobile phones to operate through LAN
-Call Center Dialers :The machine is reserved for Call Center to five people
-GSM Gateways : It is a tool in which a Simcard can be inserted enabling call at one’s office
-PRI Cards: It is a system of using cards enabling an institution to have network from telecommunication companies

Call Rwanda encourages banks, hotels, insurance companies, hospitals among other institutions using old communication systems to embrace the technology because it cuts down communication costs. Indeed using such tools enables concentration on services and following up satisfaction of services delivered to clients via phone.

For more details call 0788302371 or email: [email protected]

You can also visit them at Umutako Plaza, 8th Unit at the opposite side of Kigali city headquarters to see the devices.

Call Rwanda informs that an institution buying such devices receives free SMS services to advertise its activities.