Cell executive secretary accused of insulting Rwandans

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 12 September 2016 saa 09:47
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Residents of Karama cell, Cyabakamyi sector in Nyanza district have accused the cell executive secretary, Mukeshimana Susana of abusing them, calling them foolish whenever they seek services from her.

The residents have revealed this in a talk dubbed ‘Urubuga rw’abaturage n’abayobozi’ (Meeting point for citizens and leaders) organized by the Association of Journalists Striving for Peace (Paxpress) held in Cyabakamyi sector on 8th September 2016.

Mukeshimana who is now the executive secretary of Nyabinyenga cell is accused to have insulted citizens when she was serving Karama cell.

“I have experienced the unfriendly situation when she delayed the delivery of Mituelle de santé upon which I told local leaders that I am going to bring my sick child to the sector office. It was then that Mukeshimana told me that I am foolish,” said Nyiransabimana Philomène.

“Last year, Mukeshimana retained my identity card for six months saying I have not paid Mituelle de santé contributions and she used to scorn and ridicule me whenever I asked it,” said Kuradusenge Jonas.

Mukeshimana who, attended the meeting, was given room to explain about the accusations which she denied.

“They accuse me of offenses I didn’t commit. I don ‘t abuse people but they rather insult me and I never react,” she said.

Reacting on the accusation of an old woman who complained to have been called ‘Umutwa’, Mukeshimana said “That old woman is telling a lie. I have never done that. He sought support from VUP yet there were many people on the list. Alleging that I insulted her may have arisen from anger of failing to get the loan. ”

The executive secretary of Cyabakamyi sector, Jean Marie Vianney Nkurikiyumukiza, said that there can be no smoke without fire.

“I am the leader of the sector. My office is always open. You can let me know in case a sector official mistreats a Rwandan. We are not supposed to harass citizens seeking services; any leader doing so has to be penalized,” he said.

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Mukeshimana Susana ,the cell executive secretary who is accused of insulting Murama residents