Child sex abuse rampant among relatives—report

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 3 November 2016 saa 10:07
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Members of Parliament and senators have been saddened by research results on sex abuse carried out by National Commission for Human Rights where victims don’t receive complete justice.This adds to explanations of perpetrators s of sex abuse that they were tempted by the devil, an act they said is torturous.

This arose yesterday as the National Commission for Human Rights (CNDP) presented the 2015/2016 performance report and the plan for 2016-2017 to both the parliament and the senate.

The research aimed at identifying causes of sex abuse among children, possible consequences and seeking how such crimes can be pursued in courts.

CNDP found that 2,818 cases related to sex abuse were followed up by the National Prosecution in 2014-2015 among which 67% (1,879) were cases of sex abuse among children.

The chairperson of National Commission for Human Rights, Mrs. Nirere Madeleine told the parliament that follow ups are made for reported cases of sex abuse among children but victims don’t access complete justice since no compensations are offered.

According to the report of CNDP, only four court cases for child sex abuse were compensated.

Nirere told parliament and the senate that some respondents attributed sex abuse to drunkenness and drug abuse, drawing relatives of children with opposite sex to sleep together while others attributed it to temptation by the devil.

Senator Jacqueline Muhongayire lauded CNDP for the research, saying it will help in providing evidence-based solutions and called for vigilance in addressing the vice.
“You see that the matter is very serious. Children from 5 to 18 years face sex abuse. The judicial sector and other stakeholders should put in much effort to combat the vice,” she said.

She also called on church and religious leaders to join the drive of fighting sex abuse.

According to the report, children between 13 and 17 years are mostly prone to sex abuse at 44% while 23.6% of sex abuse cases are not reported to police mainly because it is carried out by close relatives.

Based on reports that 15% of children sex abuses are done by relatives, Honorable Gatabazi Jean Marie Vianney asked CNDP to make recommendations to the Ministry of Gender and Family Planning to address the issue