Churches, religious denominations to form own association in Civil Society

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On 24 May 2017 saa 08:30
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The Chairperson of Civil Society Organizations, Munyamariza Edouard has unveiled that churches and religious denominations are set to form own association under the auspice of Civil Society in Rwanda a move meant to enhance harmony in the body.

He revealed this during a general assembly of Civil Society organizations.

Munyamariza explained the move is meant to tackle misunderstandings as church doctrines are sometimes against issues that civil society advocate for.

“Because religious denominations execute similar functions, the reform is meant to enhance their smooth collaboration where they can meet other civil society members in a broader organization. In fact, people may work together but without consensus. Religious denominations and non-governmental organizations disagree in some cases. When you put together a person supporting a particular idea with someone in disagreement, it becomes complicated to execute the same task. Some members may accept legalization of abortion but others can refute saying it is a scandal, against Rwanda’s culture. Apart from that, the structure of religious denominations is different from non-governmental organizations,” he said.

The executive secretary of Peace and Justice Commission in Catholic Church, father Gasana Vincent said separating them won’t affect their performance.

“We have to respect RGB’s decision. We will be accomplishing tasks of civil society under the body in which we will be associated,” he said.

Father Gasana stressed that civil society should put emphasis on enhancing citizens’ freedom of expression to problems affecting them.

A total of 449 non-governmental organizations are registered in Rwanda.

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The executive secretary of Peace and Justice Commission in Catholic Church, father Gasana Vincent