City of Kigali in fight against malnutrition drive

On 30 November 2017 at 04:06

Following the latest Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) findings revealing that 23% of city children below five are facing stunting growth, the City of Kigali (CoK) has launched a campaign aimed at fighting malnutrition among children.

In rural sectors of the city, figures of children from poor families with stunting growth continue to rise.

The fight against malnutrition week was launched in Mageragere Sector of Nyarugenge District on Wednesday.

Speaking at the event, the CoK vice-mayor in charge of social affairs, Patricia Muhongerwa, said they want to help people understand how to get children rid of malnutrition and stunting growth.

“Launching this campaign was due to findings of the survey showing that stunting growth stands at 38% countrywide and 23% in Kigali City particularly,” she said.

She said under the campaign, people will be sensitized about easy and cheap techniques everyone can use to fight malnutrition.

“Having kitchen gardens with different varieties of vegetables is the best tool to fight malnutrition. I urge every family to use this technique to ensure healthy life of their children,” she explained.

Jackeline Karimunyana, a resident of Mageragere, said her child had suffered from malnutrition-related diseases but affirms that with the sensitization, the problem will be uprooted in the country.

Under the campaign, the CoK in partnership with International Potato Centre, Mageragere residents were served with potato seedlings rich in Vitamin A&B.