Clash as local leaders raze unlicensed buildings, seven arrested

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 1 September 2016 saa 06:41
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Seven residents of Musave cell, Bumbogo sector of Gasabo district have been arrested over alleged assault of leaders and security personnel.

It is said that local leaders on Tuesday went in Musave cell raze down houses of citizens building without licenses and not respecting the master plan of Kigali city. In the course of putting down the houses in Kagarama village, however, the owners of the buildings got up in fury, and started beating local leaders.

“As one of the houses was getting razed, residents, including owners of the buildings gathered in a crowd and beating them. . It created chaos till police and the military were called for intervention,” one eye witness told the press. “I saw them holding sticks. Thereafter leaders were beaten and one of them was taken to hospital,” said another witness.

The executive secretary of Musave cell, Mukakimenyi Christine said that DASSO personnel were among those beaten.

“We went to put down their houses but some young men took big sticks and started beating us and DASSO personnel who had accompanied us. We immediately alerted other security organs for intervention,” she said.

Mukakimenyi explained that seven among individuals suspected of involvement in the assault have been taken to the police while others are still at large. Following the incident an impromptu meeting was called where Musave cell residents were reminded to respect leaders and the master plan of Kigali city while raising buildings.

In August last year, residents of Gatunga cell, Nduba sector of Gasabo district clashed with local leaders who had gone to put down their houses built without licensing.

Equipped with big sticks, residents attacked leaders and repelled them back.

At the time residents complained that the process of razing down houses is unfair saying it is selectively done.

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Gasabo district headquarters