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Clean water for all targeted by 2017
Published on 3-08-2016 - at 09:21' by Théophile Niyitegeka

The Prime Minister, Anastase Murekezi has unveiled that the government of Rwanda is putting in much effort to address water shortage by 2017.

He unveiled this yesterday to both chambers of the parliament as he presented government’s plans regarding hygiene and sanitation. Minister Murekezi explained that Rwanda is among countries having the problem of water shortage, a condition which stresses the need to maintain available water.

“The quantity of safe water needed in cities is 257 436 m3 per day. However our plants supplying to rural areas and cities have only the capacity of supplying 141 250 m3 per day,” he said.

Minister Murekezi told parliamentarians and senators that existing plants will be able to satisfy all cities of Rwanda distributing 334 000 m3 per day by 2020 while 428 618 cubic meters will be availed by 2030.

“Starting from 2010 up to 2017, it is expected that all Rwandans shall access safe water obtaining it from a distance of 200 meters in the city or 500 meters in the countryside,” he said.

He explained that water access was at 74.2% in 2010 while the rate stood at 84.8 % in 2015.

Kigali city is one of the parts in the country faced with water shortage since it receives only 90,000 cubic meters per day while it needs 120,000 daily cubic meters.

After increasing the capacity of Nzove plant and others, Kigali is expected to receive 145,000 daily cube meters and rise to 175,000 m3 by 2020.

A study by the Ministry of Natural Resources in 2015 indicates that Rwanda uses 6826 billion cube meters (m3) of water where every person consumes at least 670 m3 while he/she should use 1000 m3 annually.

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Prime Minister,Anastase Murekezi



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