Clerics commend political maturity

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On 8 August 2017 saa 10:25
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Religious leaders have commended the recently concluded 2017 presidential elections saying they were free and fair conducted in a serene environment. Retired Bishop of the Anglican Church of Rwanda and president of the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC), John Rucyahana, said the spirit of oneness has so evolved regardless of political affiliation which explain calm elections held without any riot or disorder.

While addressing a press conference about the first ever election observer experience of religions in Rwanda, Rucyahana said that the only inconsistencies observed were in the voters’ register of a few voters which was later rectified by the Electoral Commission.

Over 94 election observers were dispatched countrywide by the religious forum. “We are the religious leaders and Shepherds are supposed to provide guidance to their congregations and facilitate their respective flocks to do better for themselves and their country,” Said the retired bishop adding that the civil participation was a sign of Rwandans’ commitment to getting involved in the management of their own affairs.

The Mufti of Rwanda Sheikh Hitimana Salim said that Rwandans have shown that they understand and know what they want, demonstrated political maturity and can no longer be misled by foreign ideologies.