Climate change resilient projects to get more FONERWA support

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 2 December 2015 saa 01:46
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As various regions across the World battle with addressing climate change effects, Rwanda National Climate and Environment Fund (FONERWA) has unveiled a plan to support well designed projects that give room for climate change mitigation.

Statistics from the fund indicate that 28 projects related to countering climate change have already been supported by the Fund launched in 2012, including public, nongovernmental and private owned projects.

Over Rwf 28 billion has been spent on such projects. However 1% of the country’s GDP is annually lost over climate change effects.

The head of FONERWA, Alex Mulisa, argues that a lot has to be done using the available capacities. “There are many projects that require funding but capacity challenges have continued to dog effective implementation. We need to adopt new initiatives such as water harvesting, new building technologies that keep flooding at bay, among others,” he says.

About 70% of the FONERWA-supported projects have come up with initiatives that promote water conservation (rainwater harvesting, reuse and recycling) while others are engaged in renewable energies and land conservation.

FONERWA revealed a plan to fund other projects related to environment protection as well as promoting climate change resilience.

Mulisa said that they have a program of supporting nine more projects that are well designed including agriculture and renewable energies among others.

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The head of FONERWA ,Alexis Mulisa

Written by Munyengabe Sabin