CNLG explains case of genocide perpetrator who benefitted from Survivors’ Fund

On 31 October 2017 at 11:50

The President of National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG), Dr. Emmanuel Havugimana has told Members of Parliament that the commission has investigated the case of former genocide perpetrator who disguised himself and got school fees payment from Fund for the Support of Genocide Survivors (FARG)

Havugimana was speaking to Parliament yesterday while presenting 2016/2017 report and planned activities in 2017/2018.

After presenting the report, MP Henriette Mukamurangwa questioned the case of Jean d’Amour Niyonteze, a man who got school fees from FARG yet he had been jailed over genocide crimes.

“He had been paid for school fees and removed from beneficiaries’ list later. Then he fought for his rights, but FARG found that he had committed genocide against the Tutsi and sentenced to 13 years in jail. This is unbelievable, so, what did CNLG do with this case? What did you do for him to reimburse the money he had benefited from?” asked MP Mukamurangwa.

Havugimana explained that CNLG identified the case and informed FARG which also informed the Police to pursue him (Niyonteze) so that he can face justice and compensate the money.

“Our advocacy was limited from there as we don’t have the right to arrest. But, all concerned institutions were informed so that he can repay the money,” he said.

Havugimana said that in 2017/2018, CNLG will continue to digitize Gacaca archives where they target to digitize 6 000 000 pages; 60,000 books, and 8000 audios and videos recorded during Gacaca courts.