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Commander of DRC Land Forces Fired
Published on 23-11-2012 - at 05:07'

DRC President Joseph Kabila has fired Maj. Gen. Gabriel Amisi Kumba from heading the land forces of the Congolese army accused of selling weapons to armed groups.

Gen. Kumba is accused in a report of UN experts published Wednesday, November 21 selling weapons to armed groups operating in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kabila’s decision was made public in a statement read on state television by the Media Minister and government spokesman Lambert Mende.

Citing the report of UN experts, Lambert Mende said that "the FARDC continue to fall prey to criminal networks that allow senior officers to enhance the control over natural resources and in particular the smuggling of ivory conducted by armed groups."

Other Army officers he did not mentioned are involved in trafficking.

"Gen. Kumba Amisi oversees a network of distribution of ammunition for hunting poachers and armed groups, including Mutomboki Raya, a local militia accused of atrocities," Mende said.

The UN report also revealed that Gen. Kumba Amisi ordered delivery of 300 AK 47 rifles to another armed group operating in eastern Congo, known as Nyatura another local militia responsible for many abuses.

However, the rebellion of the M23 which occupies the town of Goma is not among gangs cited in the UN report as receiving weapons through the network of Gen. Kumba Amisi.



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