Commercial motorcyclists in Rusizi told to report rogue

Published by Police
On 3 February 2017 saa 08:34
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Commercial motorcyclists operating in Rusizi District under their union – UCMR – have been asked to report members, who violate traffic rules and regulations, and engage in various criminal activities.

The call was made by the Western Province Governor Alphonse Munyentwari during a meeting with about 800 motorcyclists, held on February 2 in Kamembe Sector.

The meeting was also attended by the Western Region Police Commander (RPC), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Emmanuel Karasi.

“Always remember that for you to effectively run your business is because the country is safe. You operate effectively without a hitch, so don’t be a threat to other people’s theft, either while on road or transporting illegal goods and criminals,” the Governor told the motorcyclists.

Motorcyclists are said to be some of the accomplices in transporting especially drug dealers and smugglers.

The RPC noted that the motorcyclists’ inappropriate behavior on roads continues to cause accidents and loss of lives, which is intolerable.

“One way to abide by traffic rules is to ensure that motorcyclists carry one passenger at a time, own a driver’s license, insurance, wear a helmet and a reflector jacket; avoid speeding, bad maneuvers and riding while under the influence of alcohol,” ACP Karasi said.

“In case one suspects either a colleague or a passenger of being involved in a crime, they should report to the Police immediately because ensuring safety and security is everybody’s responsibility…Your work is valuable to Rwandans and must be protected against criminality of any kind. Don’t let criminals masquerade or use motorcyclists. You should cooperate with Police to identify and arrest such individuals,” he added.

"It is important to work together for common interests in advancing a sustainably secure Rwanda. Through community policing, we can together more effectively and efficiently identify and restrain crimes such as drug abuse, and avert the fear of crime," he said.

The head of UCMR, John Hagenimana thanked Police for reaching out to them saying that; “We have a unique working relations with police but from this meeting, we recommit to take this partnership further.”

"We, as commercial motorcyclists, have to play a primary role in crime prevention but we can only achieve that through partnership with all security agencies.”

He added that motorists make contacts with lots of people during their daily business and hence get access to a lot of information.

“Most criminals especially drug traffickers use motorcycles to transport illicit commodities including narcotic drugs. We must be more vigilant at all times and ensure that whenever we encounter such people, we immediately inform the police,” said Hagenimana