Commitment won liberation war-Gen Kabarebe

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On 22 May 2017 saa 12:51
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The Minister of Defense, Gen James Kabarebe has said that RPA soldiers’ victory over the hate government guided by divisionism and oppression, despite enormous foreign support, was a result of commitment guiding RPA soldiers to fight with bravery during the struggle as they stood for truth.

Kabarebe who was Friday speaking during the commemoration of former judges, prosecutors among other employees of the Ministry of Justice killed in the 1994 genocide against Tutsi noted that: “No RPA soldier was forced to advance during the struggle to stop genocide. When we alerted them ‘Simama juu (stand up), Advance, Speed’ everyone did so because they knew the value of what they were striving for. That is why genocide was stopped in a few months,” he added.

Kabarebe said RPF had analyzed the war before as they wanted to solve a serious problem.

“Between 200 and 300 soldiers came from another country carrying guns. It was hard to fight an organized country having structured diplomacy, with steady military, police and support from foreigners,” he said.

Kabarebe noted that the courage they had led them to repel foreign forces including French soldiers among others.

“We had three months of fighting Interahamwe and French soldiers. We fought French soldiers from Byumba in 1992 and in Zone Turquoise. We had a severe fight that is why they got weakened. The attack which stopped them as they entered Butare coming from Gikongoro made them speak of us thus; ‘they are not people to fight with’, ”he said.

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The Minister of Defense, Gen James Kabarebe