Community efforts paying off in Gicumbi as seized narcotics worth Rwf25 million are destroyed

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 21 April 2017 saa 10:44
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Intensified police and community efforts to break the chain of illicit drugs supply in Gicumbi District have continued to pay off with psychotropic substances worth over Rwf25 million seized in the last three months.

The illicit gins, which were destroyed on April 19, include 8620 liters of crude gin commonly known as Kanyanga, 2615 dozens of Chief Waragi, 16841 sachets of Zebra Waragi, and 6405 Sachets of African Gin.

Others include 1387 Sachets of Real Waragi, 4644 Sachets of Kick Waragi, 1170 Sachets of Kitoko, 2703 Sachets of Blue Sky, 1356 Sachets of Vodka and 88 packets of khat.

All the seized and destroyed gin, majority packed in banned plastic bags, are classified as narcotic drugs in Rwanda due to their alcoholic content that exceeds 45% national maximum standard as specified under article 24 on the law governing narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors in Rwanda.

While addressing over 1000 residents at an event to destroy the substances held in Cyumba Sector, the mayor of Gicumbi, Juvenal Mudaheranwa lauded the role residents continue to play in the campaign against drugs.

He spoke at length about the impact of drug abuse and appealed to them to maintain and enhance the spirit of partnership with security organs to combat the vice.

“Make security equally your daily responsibility, like development. Your prosperity in your business and your safety in whatever you do depend on the state of available security. These drugs are the obstacle to the harmony of families, influence users to commit theft, sexual harassment, and worse still, it has in some cases led to manslaughter or murder. Put a red line on that by reporting any drug dealer to police,” he said.

Gicumbi is said to be one of the main transit routes for drug dealers. In an effort to reverse the trend, residents in all the 21 sectors of Gicumbi have since created anti-drugs clubs in all the 21 sectors of Gicumbi.

The District Police Commander, Chief Supt. Dan Ndayambaje, hailed the impact that these clubs and the residents in general, have played in the breaking chains of supply.

"The community policing role you play as Rwandans through your various social groups, and strengthened information sharing has mainly been force behind fighting drug trafficking," the DPC said.

“This is the result of your strong cooperation and ownership to ensure your own safety and security. These are the same psychotropic substances that fuel most conflicts and crimes such as gender based violence, child abuse, assault and even parents who abandon their family responsibilities and spend most of the time consuming these substances,” said Chief Supt. Ndayambaje.

“We believe this partnership will drive the general goal of breaking the chain of supply through timely sharing of information,” he added.

In January this year, other contrabands worth over Rwf23.9 million were seized and destroyed in Gicumbi before others valued at Rwf36 million were also seized and destroyed in the following month.