Community policing: Commercial motorcyclists in Rutsiro form new forum to counter crimes

Published by Police
On 10 September 2016 saa 04:11
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Commercial motorcyclists operating in different parts of the country have continued to exhibit enthusiasm in contributing to community safety through formation of different forums through which they discuss ways and means to partner with security organs to neutralize crimes.

Commercial motorcyclists in Rutsiro District have also followed in these footsteps to form three anti-crime clubs through which they will collectively brainstorm on how best they can maintain safety in their communities through a strong partnership with Rwanda National Police.

The clubs were formed on September 8 following their meeting which was also attended by the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO), Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Jean Bosco Mugenzi.

Speaking to the motorcyclists, AIP Mugenzi thanked them for their strengthened partnership.

He, however, noted that there are some of their members who involve in wrongdoings like trafficking and abusing drugs, which they should fight internally as well.

“It is a very positive gesture for commercial motorcyclists coming together to find ways in which they can contribute to the safety of their communities. We encourage you to keep up with this spirit. As partners in community policing and crime prevention in particular, you should be people of integrity,” AIP Mugenzi said.

Jean Bosco Manirafasha, who was elected as the coordinator of the clubs, urged members to be defined by their actions.

“We have been contributing to crime prevention but on an individual level, but with these clubs we will share ideas to collectively achieve more,” said Manirafasha.

“Through these platforms, we will discuss how to also improve road usage by making all members accountable and respect road safety standards,” he added.

“These clubs will also help to hold each other to account and ensure we streamline our profession. We are the primary beneficiaries of a secure environment, we should be exemplary in preserving and improving it,” he said.

Manirafasha challenged his colleagues to respect the rules governing their profession, be vigilant not to aid criminality by transporting wrongdoers and strengthen their collaboration with law enforcers by providing information on suspected criminals or crime.

Through community policing, Rwanda National Police has managed to bring on board several partners in crime prevention, including road users, learning institutions, traders, private enterprises, among others.