Corruption forces Museveni to deliver his pledges personally

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On 10 September 2016 saa 05:18
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In what looks like a vote- of- no-confidence in his government’s poor service delivery infrastructure, President Museveni has revealed that in his fifth term which he has described as Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo, meaning term of no-games, he will deliver his pledges personally to the people. The president made this revelation on Friday evening in Katanga while delivering car-machines and a dummy cheque of Shs100 million to Mulago Car Washers’ SACCO. Mr Museveni, who previously complained about “the rats” in his government, also blamed the people who simply watch as corrupt leaders eat their money.

“I have always pledged support but whenever I release money for my pledge, I am always let down by the NRM secretariat and the leaders you elect because they don’t deliver what I gave them. This is partly the reason why people are still suffering.” Mr Museveni said.

“Uganda is a big country and that’s why at times I delegate because I can’t reach everywhere. However, since I have been betrayed, I will start delivering the pledges personally.”

The President also complained that previously he has established many anti-poverty schemes like Entandikwa to empower people’s household incomes but all these have since collapsed because the leaders defy his directives.

To hold leaders accountable, the President said that people should ask about new government programmes, which he said would help them get out of poverty. Recently, the president told Katwe residents, in Kampala where he contributed Shs300m to a SACCO, that he would be dispensing funds directly to the grassroots to improve service delivery. He has since established five- wananchi funds and a special desk in State House to help him coordinate the anti-poverty programmes.

The president who also visited a SACCO in Nsambya, a Kampala suburb, promised to probe the wrangles in Wandegeya market, which he said, are caused by a racket of thieves, who are even leaders.

Meanwhile Kampala minister, Ms Beti Olive Kamya complained to the president that people are concerned about government employees who drive posh cars and have millions of money yet they don’t deliver services.

“Mr President, it’s a public outcry about the luxurious lifestyles some government employees live in and they actually accuse you for paying such people a lot of money but since you have decided to deliver the pledges yourself, then this will add much value,” she said.

The chairperson of the SACCO, Mr Henry Ssegujja, asked the president to buy for them a permanent land, where they could build a washing bay to avoid pressure from landlords and train the jobless youth.

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C- President Yoweri Museveni trial testing the water pumps that he donated to the Mulago car wash youth in Katanga on Friday 9/9/16.