Court adjourns announcing Gacinya pre-trial hearing decision

On 4 January 2018 at 11:29

Nyarugunga primary court has adjourned the reading of pre-trial hearing decision for MICON Real Line Ltd boss Dennis Chance Gacinya.

Gacinya who is also the vice-president for Rayon Sports is allegedly accused of poor tender execution in Rusizi District.

The court clerk announced on Wednesday that the reading was adjourned due to poor internet connection which deterred judges from opening ‘Justice System’ to access Gacinya’s dossier.

The prosecution says that Gacinya’s company breached a tender contract of supplying 830 electricity pylons worth Rwf636 million.

Gacinya was paid Rwf495 million but the inspection of Rwanda Energy Group (REG) revealed that activities performed were worth Rwf253 million.

According to the prosecution, some pylons had not the required quality as some of them were bent down.

As a result of breaching tender contract, Rusizi District hired another company which they paid Rwf338 million.

The prosecution requested that Gacinya be remanded for 30 days.

In his defense, Gacinya said that Rusizi District paid him a smaller amount of money that does not equate with the work done. He says that Rusizi District did the contrary by putting pressure on him as they wanted to fill the report that they wanted to present for performance contracts (imihigo) evaluation.

Gacinya said that he supplied quality materials as they were first examined in MAGERWA. He said that they should release him to go to take care of his family.

The reading is expected to resume on Thursday afternoon.