Crime prevention: Local leaders in Kicukiro discuss on response

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On 19 August 2016 saa 01:41
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The Mayor of Kicukiro District Dr. Jeanne Nyirahabimana has appealed to all local and opinion leaders in the district to join efforts in crime prevention drive.

She made the remarks on August 16, during a meeting that brought together over 100 local and opinion leaders.

Participants included executive secretaries of sectors, youth representatives at all levels and members of the private sector operating in Kicukiro.

“We all have a responsibility of ensuring public safety but we can only achieve that if we collectively work with Rwanda National Police and other security organs,” said the Mayor.

Dr. Nyirahabimana went on to say that “collaboration boosts the efforts geared towards public safety, public order management and ultimately provides a favourable environment for sustainable development.”

The meeting was also attended by Members of District Administration Security Support Organ (DASSO), members of the advisory committees and women representatives.

The District Police Commander, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Gérard Habiyambere, who also attended the meeting, dwelt his message on strengthening the use of neighbourhood watch towards crime detection and prevention.

“Neighbourhood watch programme contributes tremendously to crime detection and informs effective response to fight or prevent crime through timely exchange of information and that’s why we encourage you to always ensure you to make sure that this ideal becomes successful as everyone become an eye for the neighbour,” said the DPC.

He added that a crime in one household brings a sense of insecurity to the whole community, which necessitates responding collectively.

He appealed to them to be the eyes and ears of the police in fighting any unlawful and criminal acts including drug abuse and gender based violence, which are still common.