Cyclists reminded on safer use of roads

Published by Police
On 17 January 2017 saa 12:23
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Cyclists in in Nyarugenge and Burera districts have been reminded to follow road safety standards in order to avoid road carnage.

The call was made recently when police in the two districts engaged, separately, about 300 cyclists.

Inspector of Police (IP) Canisius Rutagengwa, the commander of Bushoki Police station in Burera, while speaking to the cyclists, noted that respecting traffic rules and regulations is in their favour to stay alive, but also their dependants and all road users.

“You all wake up going to work to earn a living and to support your families, and to take another step in development, which the government supports and wishes you. This requires proper conduct and use of roads to safeguard your lives and those of other road users,” IP Rutagengwa said.

He cited poor observance of road signs, bad maneuvers, crossing and turning recklessly as some of the causes of “preventable accidents.”

They were also cautioned against abetting or committing crimes and urged them to work with police by reporting anyone they suspect to be planning or involved in criminal activities like drug dealers.

Meanwhile, over 100 cyclists in Nyarugenge through their umbrella association KICOTAVEVEMO were lauded for their collaboration with police in the area where they operate.

Eustache Nshimiyimana, the head of KICOTAVEVEMO pledged full cooperation both in community policing and ensuring full observance of road traffic regulations.