Despair as orphans’ claim to fathers’ land remains in abeyance

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On 27 April 2017 saa 01:31
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Seven children, orphans of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi from the family of Nyirumuringa P. Claver have been claiming their land for 23 years in Nyakabanda cell, Niboye sector of Kicukiro district on which other people were settled.

The government parceled out the three ha of land in question among residents who settled on it following the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi as it happened in other parts of the country. A total of 29 families settled on the land but some of them sold part of it.

In 2013, children of Nyirumuringa represented by Nyirumuringa Théophile appealed to the former mayor of Kicukiro district, Paul Jules Ndamage and the committee in charge of following up claims of property by orphans who promised support.

The family members accepted resolutions which included compensating them with five pieces of land in Nyabikenke village, Nyarutarama cell of Gatenga sector, Rwf 10 million worth properties that were in the occupied land, and receiving three unexploited pieces of land.

Nyirumuringa has told IGIHE that only Rwf 10 million compensation was given them, breaching all other resolutions.

“Until now we have no access to our properties as they are occupied by other people some of who have recently sold part of it. Indeed, we don’t know what happened to land they promised us in Gatenga. We wonder why the matter remains unsolved,” he said.

“We have been kept in limbo. Resolutions were passed but never executed,” he added.

The letter of which IGIHE has a copy indicates that it has been seven months since the mayor of Kicukiro district gave three pieces of land to Nyirumuringa family in Gatenga sector yet it is still occupied by other people who, as well, have the related land certificates while others have sold off some parcels.

The mayor of Kicukiro district, Dr. Nyirahabimana Jeanne has told IGIHE that the matter will be solved at the beginning of June 2017.

“The family members have visited the land units but have not yet gained full control because of the processes of demarcating roads. The district will give them their land at the beginning of June,” she said.

One of the tenants on the said land is MP Hindura Jean Pierre and his wife Mukunde Angelique where they have a cattle farm. The Nyirumuringa family want him evicted.

MP Hindura has told IGIHE that he bought the land from sitting tenants of the time.

“I didn’t grab the land but rather bought it before land law determining whether the land belongs to the government was established. I however accept to respect what the current law promulgates,” he said.

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Part of Nyirumuringa’s land where MP Hindura Jean Pierre and his wife Mukunde Angelique have a cattle farm.