Discipline won the liberation struggle –Gen Kabarebe

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On 16 June 2017 saa 12:30
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The Minister of Defense, Gen James Kabarebe has said that moral values, the spirit patriotism, high discipline, persistence, and commitment to goals and same vision gave RPA soldiers strength to win the liberation struggle and stop genocide despite the bitter experiences.

Kabarebe made the observation yesterday during the launch of one month civic education bringing together Rwandan youth studying abroad ‘Indangamirwa’ held in Rwanda Defense Force’s Gabiro Combat Training Center in Gatsibo district, Eastern Province.

He explained that visionary leadership helped defeat state’s military backed by foreign support including Zaire.

“As we began the liberation struggle in 1990, the former Zaire president, Mobutu sent military support of ‘special division (commando)’. They evicted us from this position in Gabiro and withdrew into the park. We later reorganized and returned. We fiercely fought Zaire soldiers. Some of them lost lives here while others ran away. They robbed , crossed Rwamagana, Kigali, Gisenyi robbing until they reached Goma,” he said.

“We defeated them despite having small weapons. We had Paul Kagame as the only military expert from United States military academy. Our skills were below soldiers of Habyarimana who had attended ‘Ecole de Guerres’ (schools of war) in Belgium, France among others. They had advanced military education but we too outperformed them in terms of having constant moral values including farsighted leadership because having Paul Kagame as commander of the struggle brought apparent difference. He contributed 90% to winning the struggle,” he added.

Gen Kabarebe said discipline was the greatest weapon to defeat the enemy.

RPF liberation struggle which began in 1990 ended in 1994 after stopping genocide.

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The Minister of Defense, Gen James Kabarebe addressing ’Indangamirwa’