Dogs exhume bodies in Rwamagana cemetery

Published by IGIHE
On 6 September 2016 saa 07:16
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Residents of Nyagahinga village, Ruhunda cell of Gishari sector in Rwamagana district have expressed worries over dogs exhuming bodies of deceased relatives from a public cemetery which is located on a site with hard rock which prevents them from digging deeper graves.

The cemetery in question is located in Ruhunda cell on land bought with residents’ contributions of over Rwf 5 million where every resident of the cell provided Rwf 5,000.

Some residents who have talked to the media have appealed on leaders to relocate the cemetery as the current situation leaves bodies of their relatives susceptible to excavation.
“We are worried since burying a relative in graves in that rocky cemetery is like throwing him/her. Under such circumstances one can’t be assured the deceased is accorded decent burial,” said one resident.

“Imagine how it hurts to see dogs exhuming the body of a buried relative? Recently people dug for the whole day but failed to get deeper,” said another resident.

The executive secretary of Gishari sector, Marc Rushimisha has said that the cemetery poses no problem.
“I have never heard anyone complaining that dogs exhumed bodies from the cemetery. I can’t miss such information if it existed in the area I lead. Such residents’ complaints are baseless,” he said.