DPC Ngoma roots for instant information sharing

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On 7 September 2016 saa 01:04
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The District Police Commander (DPC) of Ngoma, Senior Supt. (SSP) Janvier Mutaganda has appealed to the residents to break silence on anything unlawful or criminal in their neighbourhoods.

Through instant information sharing, he said, wrongdoers will be contained and crimes prevented as a result of collective and quick response.

The DPC was speaking on September 5 in a community meeting with the residents of Mugesera Sector. The meeting held in Nyange Cell was also attended by the district vice mayor in charge of economic development, Fred Rwiririza.

“Information is power; instant information sharing helps concerned institutions to prevent a crime from happening, arrest culprits or responds quickly to recover what has been stolen,” the DPC said, referring to various cases where drug traffickers, distillers of illicit brew and thieves have been arrested due to credible information from the residents.

“Ensuring safety and security, and preserving it is equally your responsibility; there are things that you are likely to be undermining like illicit gin – Kanyanga – cannabis and other illicit substances, but these are the same unlawful acts that groom wrongdoers like thieves, cause domestic conflicts and fighting. Neither of you want that and this can be fought through strong partnership and information sharing on dealers, to address the root causes.”

“Seeing a criminal act and you refuse to take appropriate action or provide information is like abetting it.”

Rwiririza, on the other hand, reminded them that security is the foundation of what they have achieved so far, and a reason why the country has reached this far in development.

He added that anything that attempts to turn back the clock be should fought collectively, noting that the people have an up hand in this.

In places where Police cannot be, Rwiririza said, the people should equally assume the responsibility through community policing and provide Police with information on what can affect the security they enjoy.

He urged them to strengthen community night patrols – Irondo – have common understanding on their roles and work together as neighbors and as a community to be the answer to challenges that might arise.