Dr. Frank Habineza in financial crisis

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On 17 July 2017 saa 05:53
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Democratic Green Party Candidate Dr. Frank Habinenza, has explained that he has mortgaged is house as collateral so as to access a loan to fund his presidential campaigns.

Dr. Habineza kicked-off his presidential campaign in Rusizi and Nyamasheke on the first and second days of the campaigns.

In an interview with Voice of America (VOA) early in the morning this Monday, Dr. Habineza cited the challenges faced by his political party stating that he is struggling with financial constraints during the campaign period.

“With the limited resources at our disposal, it is not easy; we will have to find the means from within ourselves through sacrifice, as a way of finding a solution. The little means that we have will be used to accomplish all our agenda and we’re optimistic that we shall complete the campaign successfully. “

He said that he has offered his house as collateral so that he can secure funds for the campaigns.

“I have surrendered my house, this implies that if I fail to pay back, then It will be taken, that is no any other option if you don’t risk. In this case, the risk we have taken is simpler than the ones we had taken before.” the Green Party flag bearer said.

However Dr. Habineza is confident he will win, he thanked the security agencies for the assistance they have offered him while campaigning.

He further called on party members to donate whatever they can so that they can contribute to the campaigns.

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) recently clarified that political parties can get money from their members for any purpose including preparing for elections.
Hitherto, the Dr. Habineza had said that the party will seek a bank loan so that it could meet the financial obligations.

Dr. Habinenza, however, did not reveal the cost of his house.