Dr Saber to advocate for continued support to refugees in Rwanda

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On 22 April 2017 saa 03:29
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UNHCR representative in Rwanda, Azam Saber has told IGIHE that the matter of refuge fund reduction is worrying, promising to find a solution.

“We have the matter of inadequate funds but we are working hard to convince donors to keep pouring in funds in Rwanda because it is used effectively,” he said.

Saber explained that they ensure good management of food donations in Rwanda despite their scarcity promising the support won’t be reduced.

“You have to spread this message that food is security and part of basic health needs. It would be hard to protect refugees without food; it would pose a serious health threat and theft of food among themselves,” he said.

Refugees funds remain insufficient despite the rise of the number of people in need of emergent support as only USD 984 million is available amidst needed USD 4.4 billion by July 2017.

To cope with the crisis it has been decided to reduce refugees’ fund by a half in some countries including Rwanda.

UNHCR explains that USD 102.4 million is needed to support refugees in Rwanda but only USD 13.5 million was availed by 4th April 2017.

Syria and Iraq are experiencing chaos leaving citizens unable to work for survival. The crisis adds to refugees hosted in various countries including Rwanda which accommodates over 164,000 from various countries including Burundi, DRC, Afghanistan, Angola, Central African Republic, Chad, Eritrea, Haiti, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda.

Each refugee in Rwanda is supposed to receive a monthly support of Rwf 6300.

According to the United Nations Refuge Agency (UNHCR), a total of 20 million people from countries including Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen are faced with hunger.

War, terrorism, political chaos and climate change are among causes boosting the number of refugees and starving people across the world.

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Dr Azam Saber