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DRC Admits Violating Rwanda’s Sovereignty
Published on 20-11-2012 - at 02:43'

Rwanda has accused DRC Army of "deliberately" bombing Rwandan territory on Monday 19 November.

According to the Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Joseph Nzabamwita, the DRC government has admitted to violating Rwanda’s sovereignty.

“The central Government of the DRC has admitted, apologized and vowed to punish the soldiers who intentionally killed our people,” Nzabamwita said yesterday.

He added that the RDF did not retaliate because it was not presumed to be the best option to solve a military conflict.

Nzabamwita, however, added: “We consider this as a provocative action because we have lately been falsely accused of supporting rebel groups in their country.”

Five of the injured, including one woman and two children were still admitted at Gisenyi Hospital. However current information says two Rwandans were killed by Congolese bullets.

The Rwanda says that these shells were dropped in the area of the airport in Gisenyi that borders Goma city in DRC.



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