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DRC: RFI and Radio Okapi signals still jammed
Published on 7-11-2016 - at 01:23' by Africa News

Radio signals of RFI and UN radio, Radio Okapi have been interrupted in Kinshasa with some observers pointing accusing f at Congolese authorities.

The French radio signal was cut off on Friday evening in Kinshasa while the UN radio signal was interrupted on Saturday morning.

On Sunday, Thomas Lusaka, Minister of telecommunications, information and communication technologies, acknowledged that he is informed about the problem and assured that the regulatory body in charge of posts and telecommunications of Congo (ARPTC) is working on a solution.

To many observers, the interruption of the two radio signals is just an act of censorship on the part of Congolese authorities who have so far not given any genuine reasons for the interruptions.

The twitter page of the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights in the DR Congo has denounced the move as a violation of article 19 of the universal declaration of human rights on freedom of expression and the right to information.



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