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DRC Says Not Convinced to Cut Ties With Rwanda
Published on 16-11-2012 - at 00:47'

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) says it’s not yet convinced to suspend diplomatic relations with Rwanda to restore peace in the Great Lakes region.

The DRC government spokesman Lambert Mende said Thursday.

Mende said he believes that the attackers reserve the right to commit certain crimes because Kinshasa still maintains contact with Kigali.

"Believe me, if simply to break diplomatic relations with Rwanda could automatically stop the suffering of our people, we would have done it long ago.

But I do not think that simply breaking off diplomatic relations with Rwanda is likely to end the suffering of our people, "said Lambert Mende.

Mende said its rather important to maintain a "minimal contact" with Rwanda to prevent attackers from committing "certain acts".

"There are acts that abusers do not dare ask because there is still minimal contact. There is still room to push even other countries with whom we share these meetings ICGLR [International Conference for the Great Lakes region] to obtain from them the end of the criminal adventures, "said Lambert Mende.



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