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Driver commended for alerting Police on drug dealers
Published on 13-10-2016 - at 02:32' by Police

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has commended the vigilance and spirit of a driver of one of the travel agencies along Kigali-Rusumo road, who called in after noticing that two of the passengers on board were trafficking drugs.

The driver of Matunda Express – a local travel – on October 9 called the local police in Kirehe District reporting two men, who had concealed at least 30 kilogrammes of cannabis in traveling bags.

Police spokesperson for the Eastern region, Inspector of Police (IP) Emmanuel Kayigi identified the suspects as Jean Baptiste Safari, 34, and Tadeo Nsengimana, who were found with 15 kilogrammes, each.

IP Kayigi said that as the driver was loading the luggage of the duo in Cyunuzi, Gatore sector at about 6:00 am, he noticed that their bags were loaded with cannabis.

“The driver played it calm, walked in a distance pretending to be taking a short-call and called Kirehe police,” Kayigi said.

“He pretended as if he was waiting for other passengers until police officers arrived, searched the luggage and arrested the two men, before he could continue with his daily business,” he added.

“In the recent past, we have seen similar scenarios especially in Kirehe where drivers of travel agencies either call the police, drive the vehicle to the police post along the way or to the police station, after noticing that they have drug dealers on board; this is a sign of responsiveness, ownership and vigilance that we commend as police,” IP Kayigi said.

“This is the spirit that should define all drivers and even passengers on board; safety and security is for the wellbeing of all and maintaining it should as well be a collective responsibility” he added.


Ooh, fantastic! this driver should be awarded, he has shown patriotism, responsiveness he has played a big role in crime prevention by sharing information timely with police, these transported cannabis would destroy a number of people, we should all follow his example by reporting anyone we suspect to be drug dealer as our contribution to build our country and live healthy in a secured country. for us citizens of Gatsibo we engaged in community policing where we share information with Police and our local leaders as well

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