Driving Permits Provisional Exam Results Puzzling

Published by IGIHE Reporter
On 15 September 2011 saa 05:20
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Thousands of people who did driving permit provisional exams early last month are puzzled by delayed release of results. The national Police website is not accessible as usual.

However, according to the head of the Traffic Police, Chief Supt. Célestin Twahirwa, the results were put on website on Tuesday September 12, and had no problem.

One candidate only identified as Mihigo who did the exam in Gasabo district told igihe.com that: “When I heard that the results were out, I visited the police website but I didn’t manage to access my results, I am so confused.”

Another lady who declined her name to be published and did the exam from the district of Kicukiro said: “I did the exam previously, failed and repeated last month but when I visited police website to see my results yesterday evening, I only accessed the previous results not the current one.”

Some other people who viewed the website last evening found themselves among failures and were not satisfied with the results.

To verify it this morning this reporter visited the domain of police website where the results are published and found it written as “ Fatal error: Call to a member function scalarVal () on a non-object in /home/policenew/public_html/traffic/OpenErpConnection.php

When contacted C.Supt. Twahirwa on the issue, he said that the results were published two days ago and that if the public is not able to view them, then it might be the technical problem of which technical team will handle very quickly.

He added that for the results to delay and exceed a month before the release, is possible because papers have to be clearly marked and well prepared before putting results on the website and that to do it, enough time is required.

When we asked him on the issue where some candidates were not satisfied with the results, Twahirwa said that it shouldn’t be a general problem and thus victimized people should visit the traffic police offices and make clear inquiries.




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